In-home Lactation Consultations


Home Visits/Office Visits

Initial Consult: $215/$200 (1-2 hours)

Follow-up: $150

All appointments are complete with standard follow-up contact by email/phone/text, and reports sent to your care providers by request.

Prenatal Consultation -  Many parents who have unique concerns benefit by establishing a relationship with a lactation consultant during pregnancy. Here are some things that we can work on:

  • Thorough discussion of health history

  • Overview of past pregnancies/postpartum experiences

  • Create a custom plan for the early days after your baby is born

  • Design a general schedule for followup

  • Identify/access helpful community referrals


Lactation Consultation - Have an appointment in the comfort of your own home or in my cozy office, to address common concerns and hurdles. Some examples are:

  • Learn more about your baby's cues

  • Help with latch and positioning

  • Pain while breastfeeding

  • Concerns about your milk supply

  • Concerns about weight loss or weight gain

  • Pediatrician has referred you for further support

  • Tongue-tie assessment

  • Identify/access helpful community referrals