Welcome to the private practice of Michelle Bielicki, IBCLC. I provide personalized and compassionate in-home lactation support to families in the Seattle area and the Eastside.

Who benefits from a lactation consultation? If you are looking for more support on your breastfeeding journey, a lactation consultation can be a great place to start. My goal with every consult is to work together to develop a plan that best meets the needs of the baby and breastfeeding parent.

These are a few common reasons that parents may seek lactations support: 

  • Learn more about your baby's cues

  • Help with latch and positioning

  • Pain while breastfeeding

  • Concerns about your milk supply

  • Concerns about weight loss or weight gain

  • Pediatrician has referred you for further support

  • Tongue-tie assessment

If you do not see your concerns listed above, a consultation may still be valuable. I am happy to discuss your concerns over the phone or email to see if a consultation may be helpful to your situation.